Get-VMFolderPath to check in which vm folder our vm resides

Recently i wrote a function to check in which vm folder particular vm resides. I thought i could share it 😉 This function can output folder names or folder morefs when -moref switch is specified. Sample output would be this:
get-vm ‘vm123’ | get-vmfolderpath
MY DC1\vm\test123\ntest\btest\xtest\

Get-VMfolderPath (get-vm vm1).folderid
MY DC1\vm\test123\ntest\btest\xtest\

When you want to instead of names , folder morefs:

Get-VMfolderPath (get-vm vm1).folderid -moref or
get-vm ‘vm123’ |Get-VMfolderPath -moref
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New-Folder in datacenter of vm type

I was trying to create a vm folder in Datacenter. This can not be achieved using new-folder directly without specifying proper location(as per MicaH comment) , because as per get-help from new-folder, this will result in creating a “yellow” host and cluster folder. In order to create a vm folder i had to use method CreateFolder(string)
Lets say i have a datacenter with name: “myDC” in which i want to create a folder “myTopLevelFolder”

(get-view (get-view -ViewType datacenter -Filter @{"name"="myDC"}).VmFolder).CreateFolder("myTopLevelFolder")

get-view -ViewType datacenter -Filter @{“name”=”myDC”}
We want to select only datacenter with name ‘myDC’
Then, we take the vmfolder from this datacenter
(get-view -ViewType datacenter -Filter @{“name”=”myDC”}).VmFolder
Then we create view from this:
get-view (get-view -ViewType datacenter -Filter @{“name”=”myDC”}).VmFolder
After that we can invoke method from this object using CreateFolder

It’s done 😉