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  1. Great Blog,….even though i do not understand most of it 🙂 But what I do understand is that you are very humble about your vast knowledge. Keep it up and enjoy this learning journey:) Bdw, congrats on the Scripting Games achievement!

  2. Nice work, do you know if it´s possible to export VM-name and the relation to “tags” that are new for Vsphere 5.1. Tags replaced fields in older versions.

    • We can check this together, maybe i could point you somewhere. I suppose it would be best to talk via IRC, and not comments 😉 take a look how to get to #powercli channel http://wp.me/AXaY where i spend most of the time 😉

  3. Hi Magnus, at this particular moment not, since i am still within 5.0. I will see if i can make some test env on 5.1 and will let you know if i find anything helpful on this matter.

  4. Hi Grzegorz,
    Thanks for that session on the VMUG last Tuesday can you write me an email about this powershell book which we were discussing? Thanks.

  5. I’m enjoying your blog a lot. I appreciate you defining each step you took in PowerCLI to drill down the information you desired.

    I hope you start posting more!

  6. Nice Posts Greg 🙂 I was looking for a script for updating VMware tools and you have already produced this. And Google lead me here. You star

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