Virtual Center 6.7U1b upgrade fails with: Update installation failed, vCenter is non-operational

In order to reproduce, get a VC/PSC 6.7 . Make the /storage/log full 100% . Installation fails with unexpected problem.

2019-03-07 14_29_49-host1.greg.labs - VMware ESXi.png

Step two, you clean up the /storage/log a bit and it still fails.

2019-03-07 14_31_15-host1.greg.labs - VMware ESXi.png

After this i made sure that there is 98% free.  And same error occurs.

You can reboot PSC/VC as many times as you want, that  does not help. In order to fix it, login to your VC/PSC box and delete file:


After file is gone, or moved , go back to installer and click update -> it works !

Have a look what was causing the error :

2019-03-08 13_23_22-vCenter Server Appliance11.png

And the installer script was looking at it hence failing while spotting INSTAL_FAILED with this cryptic error message that the vcenter is not operational


2019-03-08 13_26_13-vc001-psc001 - VMware Remote Console33.png

Many thanks to Ciaran from @VMware  for spotting that!