When was vm created, how vm was created and who has created this vm ?

I wanted to know where it is possible, who has created virtual machine. When the virtual machine was created and how it was created.
The idea is very simple. As an input i will take a virtual machine, and the output should be an object with few properties. VM can be created in several ways, right ? So i need to search for different events. When vm is being created/deployed it will create an event for this fact. Those events are as follows:

VmBeingCreatedEvent – Vm is created manually. Right-click New-VM. When we do VM in this way, a second event joins VmRegisteredEvent. So To check for vms there were manually created, we have to browse for events and check if 2 types of events have occured.
VmBeingDeployedEvent – When vm was deployed from template it will make this type of event
VmRegisteredEvent – When vm was registered, for example, open datastore browser, right click on vmx – register.
VmClonedEvent – When vm was cloned.
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