‘Cannot complete the HA configuration’ yellow popup message via powercli

I have noticed some day that issue like on screenshot below is not going to the Alert tab. 99% that some other alert created this message, for example host is loosing uplink will result in having this popup to show up. I was wondering how it is possible for me to monitor those yellow popups in summary tab 😉

The easiest way to get information about this popup is to check the configissue property of vmhost object.

$myhost=get-vmhost 'myhost'
Message              :
Reason               : agentFailed
Key                  : 0
ChainId              : 0
CreatedTime          : 8/9/2012 12:27:41 PM
UserName             :
Datacenter           : VMware.Vim.DatacenterEventArgument
ComputeResource      : VMware.Vim.ComputeResourceEventArgument
Host                 : VMware.Vim.HostEventArgument
Vm                   :
Ds                   :
Net                  :
Dvs                  :
FullFormattedMessage : HA agent on myhost in cluster X in Y DC has an error :  HA agent on the host failed
ChangeTag            :
DynamicType          :
DynamicProperty      :

That’s pretty much it 😉 In this object there will be FullFormattedMessage property that will describe current issue. From here is now easy to write some little report that will inform us if we have any config issues on our hosts.

VMworld 2012 – checked!

I haven’t been writing any posts for some time now as i was quite busy. Some work, some vmworld… 😉

I also had some tiny vacation period 😉

I wanted to say hi to all people that i’ve met during VMworld 2012. It was great to meet all of you. How was vmworld 2012 in Barcelona ? It was great 😉 Can’t describe it in detail, you have to go there at least once in your life i guess just to see how it looks like 😉 and it looks BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG 🙂
So that’s for some explanation why i was not posting anything new. Back to work now !