VMware vCenter Operations Manager Fundamentals [V5.X] Free course

If you have VC Operations in your infrastructure and you would like learn more, there is a free e-learning course at:

• Technical Overview of vCenter Operations Manager covers the vCenter Operations Manager 5.0 vApp architecture and resource requirements, the vCenter Operations Manager 5.0 vApp installation considerations, and introduces you to the major and minor badges.

• Installing and Configuring vCenter Operations Manager discusses how to install and configure vCenter Operations Manager.

• Using the Dashboards and Badges explains the main function of the major and minor badges, how to interpret the badge results, and how to configure thresholds and notifications.

• Operations and Planning describes how to use the Operations tab and the Planning tab.

• Working with Smart Alerts and Reports covers how to configure and use smart alerts, how heat maps are used, and how to work with reports.

I think it’s worth to enroll. Not only it is created by VMware, but it is free. AND WE ALL LOVE FREE STUFF !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉


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