Get-drsrule enhancement

I was doing some drs rules today and noticed( after all those years 😉 ) that i get only id’s for vms in output. So i can not see directly which vms for example are set to be together etc…
In order to quickly have the output with the names instead of ids i wrote this tiny enhancement:

get-cluster XXX | Get-DrsRule | select Name, KeepTogether,Enabled, @{N="VMnames";E={ $_.Vmids|%{(get-view -id $_).name} } } 

If the output is not optimized you can always use |ft -autosize at the end of the line.
For each of the virtual machine id i get the vm view and take its name.
You can do get-vm -id or get-view -id. If there is small amount of vms in your rules, that would not affect any performance of this command.
Tiny enhancement but saves some time on checking those ids manually.

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