Migrating virtual center database [oracle]

I was doing some checks today and was surprised that i have few services within vCenter Service Status that have Alert status. I forgot to take screenshot from it:/
They were in the “License Services” section.

When you are migrating database like i did, from 1 host to another and you have edited the:
and have new information like:

Then after checking the right TNS Service Name in Data Sources (ODBC) and starting your VC, i assumed everything is fine.
I missed one thing as it seems. The Services with alerts in vCenter Service Status, were red because i did not change 1 config file which is:
“C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware VirtualCenter\vcdb.properties”
You will see that old db hostname is still there:

You need to replace the old hostname with the new one there. After this , restart your vpxd and check again vCenter Service Status.

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