Change the syslog server for esxi5 box using powercli

Let’s say that we would like to change the syslog server to which our esxi5 boxes is sending logs in some particular cluster.

$changedValue = New-Object VMware.Vim.OptionValue[] (1)
$changedValue[0] = New-Object VMware.Vim.OptionValue
 $changedValue[0].key = ""
 $changedValue[0].value = "tcp:/your-syslog-ip:514"

Get-View -ViewType HostSystem -Searchroot (Get-Cluster "your-cluster-name").Id | %{
  $optMgr = Get-View $_.ConfigManager.AdvancedOption

Now check if we have updated values

get-view -viewtype HostSystem -SearchRoot (get-cluster "our-cluster").id | % { get-view $_.ConfigManager.AdvancedOption | select -ExpandProperty Setting |?{$_.Key -like ""} }

Many thanks to LucD for pointing me out a better way to go with updating this value!

2 thoughts on “Change the syslog server for esxi5 box using powercli

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  2. You might want to change tcp:/your-syslog-ip:514 to udp:/your-syslog-ip:514.

    When using TCP if the syslog server goes down at all (i.e Microsoft patching) then your syslog stops on the esx hosts and does not restart automatically when the syslog host comes back. and you have to restart syslog on each esx host.. (powercli can help here).

    If you use udp then the syslog doesn’t stop on the esx if the syslog server is stopped.

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