vmnic renumeration

I had an issue with esx 3.5u2 box, that had wrong vmnic numeration.
In order to correct it edit file /etc/vmware/esx.conf
find entries that describes your vmnics /device/000:xxx:xxx… = “vmnicX”
Rewrite it to normal.
If you had quad port ethernet card and you want to have numbers 4 nics to vmnic 2,3,4,5 and 4 nics to 6,7,8,9 then read the descriction below in that file, where vmnics are described with 3 lines per each. You will see mac addresses for each nic. You will be able to tell that 4 nics have the same xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:yy Xs. So there should be 4 nics that have the same x groups. 40bits of the mac address were the same in my situation, only last 8 bits were different.
After that delete all information for vmnics
3 entries per 1 vmni

Sometimes there can be additional lines. Just remember the number of child[xxxx] which you are deleting.
Reboot esx. It’s all done.
I also saw one document that was describing this situation when this did not help. Maybe it will be useful for somebody:

VMControl error -999: Unknown error: SoapError: ServerFaultCode : (Operation failed since another task is in progress.)

Situation. You want to power off VM, but vc is sending message that operation failed since another task is in progress.
You start to wonder, WHAT TASK!?!?!?!?, in tasks you can not see any tasks that are ongoing. So where is that task ?
Login to esx via ssh for example.
[root@gxxx uuu# vmware-vim-cmd vimsvc/task_list
(ManagedObjectReference) [

There you go 😉 in my case it was due to last night backups. They have started to “create snapshot” which has timed out. Apparently that task was still there and blocking other tasks.

in my case restarting service console helped: service mgmt-vmware restart.

Useful informations that might help :


You may not power on a virtual machine in a virtual machine esxi 4.1 in esxi 4.1

I thought i solved this some time ago but…
When powering on VM inside virtualized esxi 4.1 on esxi4.1 host i got an error
You may not power on a virtual machine in a virtual machine
I thought 2-3 weeks ago i had to deal with this issue but i forgot to test it 😉 and assumed that it will work… don’t ask.
What i did is that i put option
monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = “TRUE” in vmx.
Well , it’s not enough , now i had also to add
guestOS = “vmkernel”
monitor_control.vt32 = “TRUE”
monitor_control.restrict_backdoor = “TRUE”
When updating the vmx, you will have the guestOS option already set up, so delete it first, because esxi vm will not start and will say that it already has a variable guestos defined.
After rebooting esxi vm, it’s albe to start other vms inside.

HA agent has an error : cmd addnode failed for secondary node: Error creating ramdisk for HA agent configuration. : Unknown HA error

If you want to create ha cluster on virtualized Esxi 4 inside Esxi4 you might encounter above error. Check if you have MORE than 2048 MB ram.
Well described here: