Blocking www access to ESXi 4.1

Right, so what if you have an ESXi box that is reachable from internet but you are not comfortable knowing when somebody can check your esxi webpage. What is more, he can even browse your whole DATASTORE !!!
We should block http access, but block in that way so we will be still able to connect with powershell to our esxi.
It is well documented here :
I will write shortly what is it about :
We should open our esx webpage :


and invoke method.
So our WWW service is written here under ” / ” definition.

Name Type Value
accessMode string “httpsWithRedirect”
dynamicProperty DynamicProperty[] Unset
dynamicType string Unset
port int 8309
serverNamespace string “/”

We will delete ” / ” entry in order not to display homepage / datastore browser .
So click “ha-proxy-service” , after this click RemoveEndpoint, and type :

<endpoint xsi:type="ProxyServiceEndpointSpec"> 

From now on you will see 404 😉
This idea was wrriten by William Lam and can be found here :


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